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Nov 20, 2019

BHF Award Goes to Dr Anne Child

At a grand banquet, on September 20th 2019, held in the Swan Underglobe, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) recognised Dr Child’s contribution, in the Heart Heroes Award category. In the programme the BHF went on to say “Dr Child’s remarkable work has helped…
Nov 20, 2019

Donate When You Buy From Amazon

Really exciting news. The Marfan Trust has now signed up to the Amazon Smile Programme. So now if you sign up to this, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) from your eligible Amazon purchases.   What is Amazon…
Nov 20, 2019

Turn Old Postage Stamps into Donations

Did you know that used postage stamps can be sold to stamp dealers for cash to raise money for charity? For many years Pauline and Raymond have collected used stamps cut from envelopes for the benefit of the Marfan Association. Pauline has kindly offered to continue doing this for the benefit of…
Oct 30, 2019

We're Hiring

The Marfan Trust is looking to hire a Fundraising Manager. This is a brand new position.  We therefore need an experienced fundraiser with strong marketing and communications skills to develop, implement and manage an income generation and awareness raising strategy for the…
Jun 19, 2019

Janet Gomes on Extended Leave - Response Times are Slow

Our lovely fundraiser and administrator, Janet Gomes, unexpectedly had to take Leave of Absence in May due to serious family illness. We're not sure when she will be back at present so we are managing as best we can. As a result our response times to your queries, donations etc. may…
Jun 19, 2019

Please Register if You're New to the Marfan Trust

If you're new to the Marfan Trust, then please go ahead and register with us. We'd love to have you on board! Simply click here to register your…