Our Studentships

The Marfan Trust offers studentships, for medical students wanting to take on research projects with a focus on Marfan syndrome.


Summer Studentships for medical students:

Students are welcome to participate in summer training courses held in the Sonalee Laboratory starting in June and ending in September. Here you will learn extremely valuable mutation screening and laboratory skills (exome sequencing). If you are in the middle of your BSc course, can only afford to spare the summer, need to improve or expand your laboratory skills, this training is for you.

Students wishing to apply for these two laboratory training options should email Dr Jose Antonio Aragon-Martin for more information. Please email: info@marfantrust.org


The Brian Adams Memorial Studentship (3 months)

This award is made in memory of the Marfan Trust’s first chairman. A medical or science student is paid a stipend to cover fund costs and laboratory time for a 6 week to 3 month project regarding the cause and clinical features of Marfan syndrome or overlapping syndrome. This project is based in the Sonalee Laboratory and Cardiology Department at St. George’s, University of London.


The Daniel Finkletaub Memorial Prize (3 months)

This annual competition is named after the Marfan Trust’s former Treasurer. The prize is designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of Marfan syndrome in medical students’ training to become doctors and researchers in medicine. The prize will be awarded to the best of our summer studentships, for outstanding project and contribution to research in the Sonalee Laboratory.

Students wishing to apply for these studentships should email Dr Anne Child for more information. Please email: info@marfantrust.org

Industrial Placement and Industrial Training:

BSc Students in their sandwich academic year or graduate students are welcome to spend a year in the Sonalee Laboratory, where you will learn techniques ranging from Sanger sequencing to mutation analysis, and the latest method to screen Marfan syndrome patients: exome sequencing and analysis of the data.

This one-year training is held in the Sonalee Laboratory at St George’s, University of London. We can host up to 2 students. You will learn extremely valuable skills that will allow you to further your career in research as well as to possibly apply for jobs in diagnostic laboratories in the private sector or the NHS, while becoming involved in and introduced to Marfan syndrome.

The training lasts for one year: Industrial Placement starts in June and Industrial Training starts at different times throughout the year.

Are you a medical student or have an interest in medical research? If yes and you are interested in volunteering your help in the Sonalee Laboratory please email us to find out more about how you can help info@marfantrust.org

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