Harriet G - An Introduction to Me

Hello my name is Harriet, I am 13 ½ years old and I live in West Yorkshire, England. I have always known about my Marfans but never told anyone, especially not my friends. After having back surgery for the curve in my spine (a common symptom of Marfans) in April, I decided it was time to open up – so the tweet on my mum’s timeline asking for bloggers came at just the right time. I have always had an interest in English. When I was 8 years old one of my short stories was featured in the Red House Young Writers Yearbook 2012, and the book (a collection of short stories by young people age 7-17) was then put in libraries and bookshops across the country.

I hope the blogs I write will help the people who read it, from other teenagers, to parents who are taking the first steps into a complicated world of medical appointments and doctors talking about ifs, buts and maybes – and there can be a lot of them. Linking into this, I hope to also talk about my experience with the incredible NHS. Without the services that they provide me my life would be very different, but I hope to talk more about that later. I believe this could be a great thing for me, and I am grateful to the Marfan Trust for giving me the opportunity to share my views on what it’s like to be a teenager with Marfans.    

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