Harriet G - Got my 6 month update after back surgery!

So it’s actually been a really good week! On Monday I got a letter telling me I had been selected to be a Science Ambassador by my school and inviting me to a training day on the Thursday! I was really excited as I have a real passion for Science, especially Biology-I find the human body and how it works fascinating! So on Thursday me and nine others were outside our station for 7:30, then took 3 different trains and had a great day filled with workshops on presentation skills and how to deliver experiments to an audience! I am certainly excited about what we are doing next! Then on Friday afternoon I went to the clinic to see the consultant that performed my operation and….I don’t have to go back for 12 months! It is the longest break I have had for a long time now, so I’m really pleased, and relieved as well! This also means I should be able to get back to tennis which is really cool! So, a great week in total-don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @harrietgblogs and if you would like to write for the Marfan Trust there is a contact section here on the website!


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