Harriet G - I would not enjoy recovering in a strangers spare room!

It has been an interesting fortnight, not least because last week there were headlines saying the NHS were considering letting people recover in others spare rooms! I know it’s unlikely to happen to under 18’s, but I find it deeply concerning that it is even being considered. We all know the NHS is struggling, but there has to be another way! And with the hosts earning a possible £50 a night, this may not even solve the problem! And I also think, even with all the background tests, there is huge risk that some of the most vulnerable people in society could have their trust abused. There will be a trial at the Southend University Hospital involving around 30 patients. I obviously don’t wish any harm on the participants, but I hope this trail is not successful enough for the scheme, named CareRooms, to go any further!

Aside from that, I have my 6 month post-op check up in one week and 1/2 . I hope it goes well-if it does it will be a while before I have to go back to the clinic. It obviously brings some of the feelings of anxiety, and other things I talked about in my ‘Things change quickly’ blog. Personally, x-rays terrify me, which is not ideal, but you have to face your challenges head on-and keep ploughing through. Add my Twitter @harrietgblogs for updates on the blog and interesting info on what I’m up to!


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