Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a legacy is a very personal and sensitive issue, and this may be something you are considering. The father of Dr Anne Child, Medical Director here at the Marfan Trust, left a legacy which provided funding for the first year of Alex Wan’s PhD and resulted in phenomenal research that is still on going and funded further by the British Heart Foundation.

If you would like further information on how a legacy could work for your personal circumstances or would just like somebody to talk you through the mechanics of setting up a legacy please feel free to contact Mark Thomson, a friend of the Marfan Trust and qualified Solicitor at Knocker & Foskett Solicitors in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Click here to email Mark Thomson directly or by telephone on 01732 748810

The Marfan Trust cannot offer any legal advice, therefore we would advise you to seek further legal guidance.

Leaving a Legacy
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