Help Raise Funds in London-Brighton Cycle Ride

In tribute to his late step-father (and former Marfan Trust Chair), Michael Carr, Guy Padmakumara Potter, will be doing the London to Brighton Cycle Ride on 13th September 2020 to raise funds for the Marfan Trust. He would also like to encourage others to join him. He aims to raise £1,000 for the Trust. Please support him in his efforts by visiting his Go Fund Me page and contact him through the Marfan Trust at if you’re interested in participating. 
"Mike came into my life when I was 10....He had a profound impact upon me, and my siblings.....Mike became a larger than life character in what was a somewhat madcap household. Indeed, he was often at the centre of the chaos!.....Fortunately, as Mike aged, understanding of Marfan's improved, and new treatments emerged that extended the expected lifespan. Mike's first major surgery was at 50 and from this time the medication he had to take increased dramatically. All this he bore with no complaint.....It must have been an intense struggle just to keep going but Mike never waned in his desire to be with us.
In his later years Mike became a Trustee of the Marfan Trust and eventually its Chair. He cared deeply for those who also suffered from the Syndrome, and wanted to help by supporting both research and all those directly affected by the condition, believed to be about 10,000 people in the UK. I don't want Mike's death to be an end to that, and so I'm cycling from London to Brighton on 13th September in aid of the Marfan Trust. All you need to do is donate toward my campaign. I think we can raise £1,000, but I hope it can be more. You can make that happen. Please give now, and tomorrow we'll see better treatments, and perhaps, an end to Marfan syndrome. Thank you.” 
Guy Padmakumara Potter
Help Raise Funds in London-Brighton Cycle Ride
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