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Nov 4, 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Molar Influence

As Marfan syndrome passes down the generations and arrives in the newest family member, it’s all about the known unknown. With the inevitable manifestation in at least two of the three major systems, and the individual variability between those affected, there is much to anticipate.…
Oct 29, 2020

Act Now, Save A Life

The Sonalee Laboratory is the beating heart of the Marfan Trust. In moving to its new, larger home it can continue its precious research into Marfan syndrome. But it is desperate need of help. As a niche charity supporting a niche condition, we are…
Oct 28, 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Validating Vaccines

In offering a more palatable mode of vaccinating children against flu, medics have devised a nasal spray. Quick and painless, it is free for many children including those in primary school, and may take two weeks to take effect, Children are flu’s super-spreaders, and the vaccine…
Oct 21, 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: A Sense of Disconnect

A feeling that something’s ‘out of place’ is a painful one when you are hypermobile or live with a connective tissue disorder.  Muscles attached to flexible, overly supple joints must work much harder than most and this can lead to strain and fatigue. And it can be a real pain…
Oct 14, 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: A Leaking Lifeline

Among the many manifestations of Marfan syndrome is pneumothorax, a collapsed lung. It is precipitated by a leakage of air between the lung and inside chest wall, the ribcage. Whilst this leak can result from injury it is also often spontaneous in nature, especially so among tall, thin men…
Oct 7, 2020

Dr Child's Casebook: Measure for Measure

In our pursuit of ever greater heights, humans in industrialised nations have grown on average 4 inches taller over the last 150 years. Yet this height supremacy is often left unaccommodated in our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. The standard desk height has remained unchanged…