Invitation to Marfan Association Supporters

Unfortunately, the Marfan Association UK, with whom we have worked closely for years, is closing down on 30th June 2019. The Charity Commission is appointing three new trustees for the Marfan Association to wind up its accounts. The Marfan Trust is happy to continue the work of both charities. Former members of the Marfan Association are therefore invited to become supporters of the Marfan Trust, which has almost identical aims, by contacting the Trust through its website and/or by emailing
Charity Commission Announcement:
The Commission proposes to make an Order (a legal document) for this charity. The Order will appoint three additional trustees to the charity. A copy of the Order can be seen at: (If you cannot access this please call Charity Commission contact centre on 0300 066 9197). Comments or representations on these proposals can be made to the Commission within one month from Wednesday 12th June 2019 by completing the form on Charity Commission website  Please quote NJ/802727/C-498330 if you contact the Commission.
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